We aim to provide leadership and innovation by embracing new technology and pioneering new industry techniques and practices. Our goal is to deliver tangible results that benefit clients, staff and the environment.

We want to anticipate changing requirements and circumstances before they arise. Our innovation committee meets weekly to review industry developments and potential service enhancements. We subject new ideas to a simple 4 stage process:

  1. Internal Review – bringing together all the relevant expertise from across the organisation to assess an innovation and discuss how it might be deployed
  2. Trial – new cleaning techniques will be tested by the Bayleaf Academy and new management processes will be tested by the appropriate department
  3. Deployment – following consultation with clients, new innovations will be implemented and measured against predefined criteria
  4. Monitoring – the innovation committee will continue to review the performance of newly implemented cleaning techniques or operational practices until the benefits are proven and the change is formally adopted

The topics discussed may include the use of microfibre technology to reduce water consumption and environmental impact, the effectiveness of new diamond cleaning systems, the benefits of cloud based financial controls, electronic quality auditing and reporting and the adoption of the London Living Wage.

As a result of our innovation process, we have developed proprietary technology to conduct analysis of each site and design a unique cleaning process that delivers the most efficient solution to a client’s needs.