Our pricing policy is competitive in the contract cleaning industry, as we offer value for money. We are an independent company that keeps our overheads to a minimum and operates off low profit margins. We achieve this without compromising on quality of service and management support.

Each quotation is based on the following contract details:

  • The size of the premise (square footage).
  • Present and forecast minimum wage legislation.
  • The location or traffic levels and trading hours.
  • The level of supervision required.
  • The number of days cleaning is required per week.
  • The type of flooring & furnishings.
  • The specialized cleaning required (i.e. the additional labour and machinery costs).
  • The client contact’s expectation / requirements / specification.
  • The client’s budget parameters.
  • The present condition or standard of cleaning.
  • Bayleaf’s existing management and support structures in the area i.e.: the affect on the shared overheads.
  • The additional services required: i.e. Consumables, carpet cleaning etc.